A Trip to the Farm is a common Event that can be encountered while driving. Certain Stat Combos will impact the options and outcomes.

Event Text

The Group runs into some people that are attempting to run a small farm. They offer 8 food in exchange for some help.

  • Tilling and planting
  • Hauling and hauling
  • (Sociopath) [Character]: Rob the farm
  • (Highest Mechanical) [Character]: Repair work
  • No time to help

Tilling and planting

The group helps with tilling the fields and planting new crops. It's exhausting work, and they get very tired!
  • [Whole Party] Fitness Revealed
  • [Whole Party] +1 Fitness
  • [Whole Party] Tired
  • [Party] +8 Food
  • [Party] (If character with high Fitness) +1 Scythe
  • [Party] (If a character is Charming) +1 Pitchfork

Hauling and hauling

The group hauls tons of things around. There's always stuff to haul around on a farm. It's exhausting work, and they get very tired!

[Character]: Repair work

Outcome will depend on character's Mechanical skill.

High Mechanical

[Character] is so skilled that the large amount of work isn't a huge problem. The farmers are grateful for the work!

Average Mechanical

There's so many broken things that [Character] becomes exhausted. The farmers are grateful for the work!

Low Mechanical

The farmers refuse to give a reward after they find out everything is still broken.
  • No Reward

[Character]: Rob the farm

[Character] robs the peaceful farmers. They were completely caught by surprise against a non-zombie threat.

No time to help

  • No Reward
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