Alvis is a Rare Character based on American rock musician and actor Elvis Presley. He is initially depicted as a man in a gold suit, with an "incredible pompadour." If Alvis is allowed to drop too low on Morale a Despair Event will occur in which the party return to the car to find Alvis has changed appearance. After changing Alvis will be slightly bigger, wearing a white stage suit and wearing shades. This also lowers his Fitness to 0.

Alvis joins the party with no weaponry but he will know karate, much like individuals with the 'Martial Artist' Perk. Alvis' Strength, Fitness and Composure are revealed upon recruitment. In addition, he will always start with 4 Shooting.

When Alvis attacks, multicoloured musical notes will hover above him as if he is singing.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is looting a city when they run into a man in a gold suit, with an incredible pompadour. He is practicing karate moves. He says something that you can't understand, due to a harmonious but unintelligible mumble.

Upon Recruitment

Alvis somewhat clearly says LET'S ROCK!

If party is full

Alvis mumbles something. The group is too full. Get rid of someone to make room:

When Alvis changes appearance

The group returns empty-handed from scavenging to find that Alvis has completely changed in appearance. The group is puzzled by this for awhile, and is especially confused as to which Alvis they prefer the most.

When abandoning the party

Alone - Alvis, with no audience to hear his music, loses all hope. He drifts away, forgetting all about the promise of Canada.

In a Group - Alvis tells the rest of the group that he has to use the bathroom. The others wait and wait, but he simply never returns.



Alvis became a famous singer, with his hit song: 'Death Road To Canada (Baby,Baby)'.

Special Abilities

Alvis knows Karate which means his unarmed attacks do more damage.


  • The event where Alvis changes appearance is titled 'Young Alvis vs. Old Alvis.' This could possibly be a comical reference to Elvis' later years and shift in aesthetic.
  • In his despair event in a group, Alvis mentions that he has to use the bathroom, but never returns. This is in reference to Elvis' death, where his body was discovered still on the toilet. This could possibly mean Alvis also shared the same fate.
  • Having Alvis join the party then leave via his Despair Event will unlock a secret achievement. A secret song will play during the leaving event.
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