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Example of an ABL event.

Always Be Looting or ABL is a common Event which occurs while driving. The player is prompted to pick a location in order to send survivors in to scavenge for Weapons and Supplies. Sometimes the player is able to rescue, escort, and either recruit a character (most often a randomly generated character) or collect a reward like supplies, medical care, or a stat boost for the entire party.

If the player is not satisfied with the locations on offer, they can use Gas to search for more - this will reshuffle the locations and allow the player to choose again. If a member of the Party has the 'Explorer' Perk, searching for new locations costs less fuel, and there will be more locations to pick from at a time.

Location names will often give clues as to what can be found. For example; Restaurant locations will often contain a lot of food supplies, whereas a Pet Store will often have Dogs present the party can potentially recruit with the right perk.

Names will also give hints as what to expect when scavenging there:

  • If a location has the prefix ''fancy'' it will contain a Safe. Junkyards have the prefix "secure" instead.
  • If a location has the suffix ''with car'' it is guaranteed there will be a Vehicle the party can use.
  • If a location has the suffix ''rescue'', the player will find another survivor who they can escort out of the area. If this is accomplished, the survivor can be recruited or can give the party a reward (typically food, medicine or gasoline).
  • If the location is in red, the zombie count and aggression will be high.
  • If it has flashing colors, it is a rare special location, usually with desirable rewards.

Here is a list of all locations that can be visited.

Starting Locations

These are the 5 locations available to players shortly after they start the game.

Standard Locations

These are the common locations available to select during ABL events.

City Locations

Note: A full list of city descriptions can also be found here.

Special Locations

These are rare locations that have a much lower likelihood of appearing during ABL events.

City Locations

These buildings may be found alongside standard City ABL locations.