The Apartment With "HELP" Banner is a slightly uncommon Location in Death Road to Canada.

The location resembles a normal Always be Looting map, but one of the apartment buildings will have a large "HELP" sign on its exterior. One of the rooms in this building will contain a randomly generated Character, who will follow the party around when interacted with. If the character leaves the location alive with the party, Rescue Successful! will take place; the player may either recruit the character or receive a reward from them.

A variant of this location, called the "Apartment with BARK banner", may also be found. Here, the sign on the apartment building will read "BARK! BARK!" and it will contain a recruitable Dog.

Encounter Text

When interacting with the character:

[Character] says that they really want to get out of this place.

They ask if they can follow you around.

  • Let them follow you
  • Leave them alone for now

Let them follow you:

[Character] starts following [Character 2]! They could be useful, if you get them out of here alive. Or a handy distraction, if you can't.

  • Character will follow the group

Leave them alone for now

  • Character will remain in place until interacted with again
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