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An Arcade is a location that can be visited during the Always be Looting event.

Arcades have few supplies that can be found within it. There are some vending machines with food, as well as 1-2 playable arcade machines. Additionally, Swarmed Arcades feature gachapon prize machines that can be broken open for food, morale, Shooting training, or strength+fitness training.

AB machine-0

View of the machine that you can play (orange)

Using the arcade machines will cause time to pass and, in that time, zombies will spawn. It is advised that you have other group members around to guard the character interacting with the machines. If not guarded, they will have to defend themselves against more zombies. Alternatively, a character with high Mechanical (5 or higher) can dismantle the arcade machine for gas, which does not cause time to pass.


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View of the gachapon machine that appears in Swarmed Arcades

Dead Arcade

As the name suggests, it is an arcade with a fairly sluggish crowd of zombies.

Swarmed Arcade

Swarmed arcades have a significantly larger horde of zombies that are usually more aggresive as well. It contains a gachapon machine in addition to the usual arcade machine.

Arcade (city)

Within city events, players may choose to visit a small arcade building which contains only one playable arcade machine.

Event Text

Dead Arcade

The group finds a pretty big arcade, full of now silent video games. Maybe if you check, one of them will be gas or battery powered. That could happen.

Swarmed Arcade

The group spots an arcade. The dead completely swarm the inside of it. It's probably a bad idea to go in there. Or is it? At least bring someone to watch your back.

Arcade machine


Arcade Break options

This arcade machine seems to be working! It's not very clear how it can run without electricity.

Not sapient: [Character] stares at the arcade machine in confusion. What seperates people from animals is mostly that animals don't play video games. At least, for the most part.
Sapient, alone: With no one trustworthy nearby to watch out for zombies, playing it could be dangerous.
Sapient, not alone: [Character] considers taking a videogame break while he/she is guarded.

[Character] plays the arcade game

AB result

Result of playing the arcade game (the arcade's game name may vary)

[Character] plays an old arcade game named [Game] and really gets into it.


Like all video games ever made, playing it increases your skills with guns. The critics were right. Before [Character] knew it, 2 hours had passed.

  • [Character] +1 Shooting
  • [Character] Shooting revealed
  • [Character] +1 Morale

If character is alone
There was no one around to defend [Character] during this, so he/she had to fend off zombies while playing. Watch out!

  • 7-13 zombies spawn in the room

[Character] dismantles the arcade machine

[Character] starts taking the arcade machine apart to see how it runs.

After some quick rooting around, he/she figures out the reason. It turns out all these old arcade machines are gas powered! [Character] carefully drains the gas out of its compartment.

  • +40-70 gas

Gachapon machine

[Character] finds an unbroken prize machine. You'd use to put in a quarter and get something. Now it's more convenient to just smash it.

Possible capsule types:

  • The machine is full of gumballs.
  • It contains little capsules full of cheap toys.
  • The prizes are capsules with small figurines.
  • The machine has capsules filled with green fluid.
  • The machine is over half empty, but contains candy.
  • It's full of capsules housing tiny toy guns.

Smash it open!

[Character] smashes the prize machine open.

He/she stuffs all the gumballs into a sack. They are technically food if you eat a lot of them.

  • +4 food

Cheap toys
The capsules contain rubber balls, tiny plastic novelty spiders, fake barf, and so on. Nice!

  • [Character] +1 Morale

Small figurines
One of the figurines in the capsules was an ULTRA-RARE LIMITED EDITION! Whoa! It's very inspiring.

  • [Character] +2 Morale

Green fluid
The capsules are all full of MUTAGENIC OOZE that open and splatter on him/her.


  • [Character] +1 Strength
  • [Character] +1 Fitness
  • Character becomes physically taller and their skin turns green.

[Character] collects the candy in the machine. It's his/her favorite!

  • [Character] +1 Morale
  • +3 food

Toy guns
[Character] takes one of the toy guns, and immediately accidentally shoots himself/herself in the eye! Ouch! An important lesson about firearms is learned.

  • [Character] +1 Shooting
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