Attitude is a personality stat in Death Road to Canada. This stat allows a survivor to think positively and help prevent the loss of Morale.


Characters with higher Attitude are able to see negative situations in a better way, with their positivity helping them to keep Morale up in events such as Gloomy Weather Trip and Death Road Sing-a-Long. Additionally, characters with high Attitude do not respond negatively to passing comments and argue while driving. Combined with a high Wits stat, a survivor can have the Charming Stat Combo, allowing them to use their Wits and Attitude to charm their way through event. With a low Wits stat, a survivor can have the Oblivious Stat Combo, which allows them to be even more positive by not noticing problems at all (at the expense of being incredibly unaware).

Inversely, characters with low Attitude are extremely pessimistic, taking larger Morale penalties (or penalties where there are normally none). They respond to passing comments with snarky retorts and arguments that reduce the other character's Morale. If they also have high Composure, however, they will diffuse certain situations, but still think negatively, reducing their own Morale instead. With a high Wits stat, a survivor can have the Paranoid Stat Combo, which allows them to plan ahead for every possible negative situation. With a low Wits stat, a survivor can have the Grating Stat Combo, which can use Cool It! for varying results.

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