Audio Repair is a common Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group gets frustrated because the CD player in the car is jammed, playing the same song over and over again. Who should try to repair it?

  • [Choose character]
  • Just turn it off


[Choose character]

Chosen character is a non-sapient animal

Dog: [Character] sits there, panting, not understanding what to do, at all.
Any other animal: [Character] horks something up and otherwise does nothing of value.

The CD player remains broken and annoying.

Chosen character is Irritating (low Wits and Attitude) and not alone

If animal: [Character] performs a really long fart, which doesn't distract at all from the jammed CD's music. It also doesn't fix the CD player.

If human: [Character] tells everyone to COOL IT!

Success (charged COOL IT!!!)
[Character]'s nasal voice happens at just the right time during the looping song. A new HIT HIP-HOP SONG is accidentally invented, increasing the group's morale considerably!

This, of course, doesn't help the situation at all. The CD player remains broken and annoying.

Chosen character has high Mechanical

[Character] fixes the CD player with minimal difficultly!

Chosen character is Angry-strong (high Strength, low Composure)

[Character] rips the CD player out of the dashboard and then chucks it out the window. Problem solved!


[Character] removes the CD player and puzzles over how to fix it.

Mechanical roll succeeds
He/she figures out what was wrong, and repairs it!

Mechanical roll fails
He/she doesn't manage to repair it. The CD player remains broken and annoying.

Just turn it off

The group just decides to turn the CD player off. That was easy!

  • No penalties


  • If the group doesn't have a car, this event is replaced by a different event known as Grueling March, which causes the whole party to lose 1 Morale. However, the only way to encounter this event is by losing your car at the beginning of the second-to-last driving day, as Audio Repair is a driving event, not a walking event.
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