The Barbarian is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited at Trader Camps for 15 food.

As of the August 2017 DUODENUM update there was a pointer in the code that names the sprite as a Barbarian, however no stats or other info were present. She was later added to the game as part of the March 2018 FEMUR update.

She has two equipment slots, in one she holds her bow and 50 arrows (replenishes 20 between missions) and in the other she holds one of 17 weapons which she rotates between missions, both of these are unequippable. Here's some of the weapons she can get:


Barbarian found in the last trader camp.

  • Dragonslayer
  • Claymore
  • Dagger
  • Medieval Axe
  • Gladius
  • Knight Sword
  • Zweihander
  • Halberd
  • Shovel
  • Bardiche
  • Gauntlet
  • MegaKnight Blade
  • Wooden Club
  • Skull Hammer
  • Morning Star
  • Pitchfork

Upon joining, her Loyalty is revealed. Her Strength, Fitness and Shooting always start at 4. In addition, her strength or fitness (chosen randomly) can go 1 over the maximum, similar to a character with the Hidden Potential perk.

Encounter text

Upon Encounter

She is wearing primitive leather armor, and her hair is stuffed into a very old looking metal helmet. Is this the next fashion trend in the zombocalypse?

"I own 18 different weapons, each one is my favorite. I like to switch between them so I don't get bored!"

Upon Recruitment

"What weapon should I get out first?"



  • On Kepa's Trello board for the development of the game, it is confirmed that Barbarian is intended to be a Rare Camp recruit.
    • The game's Trello board also confirms Barbarian will use Bow and Arrow. There is a comment elaborating further on the second weapon: "Maybe gets a rotating medieval-y weapons like Doomguy, as the non bow and arrow slots."
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