Bard is a Rare Character that was added in the August DUODENUM update. She can be found and recruited at the rare Ye Olden Renaissance Faire Trader Camp. She is based on the classical bards/minstrels associated with the middle ages.

The bard will offer to join your party for 5 food. When they join their Wits and Attitude are revealed to be max level. In addition, her starting Fitness will always be either 3 or 4 (randomly chosen).

She has 3 weapon slots and wields a unique weapon called the Lute, which is a musical instrument also associated with the middle ages. Functionally the Lute is the same as the Electric Guitar with a 50% chance to hit 1 extra target.

Encounter Text

Song Request

I shall sing you all the songs you like.

All I requireth... is 5 food!


I'm ready to L.A.R.P.!

*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: 'Live Action Role Play'


"I hear Toronto has a thriving LARPing scene!"

Bard became a popular bard in the Royal Court of the King of Canada.

Special Abilities

Bard has no special abilities.


  • Use of "Translator's Note" in the recruit text pokes fun at the idea that roleplaying culture is an entirely different language.
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