Battle Rodent is a recruitable Rare Character added in the June 2017 - COCCYX Update.

Battle Rodent can be purchased from Tnomey for 20 ZP. They will then have the opportunity to join the team.

It is a super intelligent pet that joins with the Shield of Hope Perk and the Tiny Eater Trait. Like other pets, Battle Rodent has 2 Vitality, a single inventory slot and increased movement speed. It also cannot pick up, use or drop weapons.

No stats are revealed upon recruitment, however the Battle Rodent's Strength and Fitness are always the same. Interestingly, the Tiny Eater trait does not lower its stat caps. Battle Rodent's name upon joining has a 50% chance to be either 'R*O*U*S' or 'Gnort'.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter



These words from Tnomey echo in your mind.

Full party

The group is too full for a rodent this big. Who would you like to replace to make rodent room?


As of the LIVER Update, Gnomey has a chance to spawn the Battle Rodent who will temporary stay in current mission.



R*O*U*S/Gnort is some kind of gerbil or something? I don't know.

Special Abilities

Battle Rodent joins with the Shield of Hope perk which allows it to resist dying if morale is higher than 2. Damage causes Morale to drop instead.

If the Battle Rodent obliterates the small garden gnome at the bottom of the cliff with a rock their morale will increase like normal, unlike Gnomey who's reaction is a decrease in morale.


  • Battle Rodent can say either "GNORT!" or "*GNORT*" between events.
  • Battle Rodent is not technically considered a pet, meaning it can drive the car by itself and cannot be supertrained. It also cannot be used for events requiring a pet (e.g. snorting animal dander in THE LOST SNEEZE)
  • A Battle Rodent can be recruited in the O*P*P lobby. Unlike the rodent obtainable from Tnomey, this one will always have 0 Strength and a cosmetic perk called "GNORT!" instead of Shield of Hope. The same applies to NPC rodents found in Zombo Town.
  • All rodents have a skin color value of 3, which is not normally visible due to them being rare characters.
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