Bee Mann is a Rare Character that was added in the August 2017 DUODENUM update. He is an old kids show host that wears a bee costume. He can occasionally be found and recruited at Trader Camps.

Bee Mann will offer to join your party for 5 food. When he joins his Loyalty is revealed. He starts with two Vitality and two inventory slots, one of which is occupied by a Toy Hammer that can not be dropped. Bee Mann's Morale will always be 6 upon joining.

Encounter Text

Bee Power

It's Bee Mann! He was a popular children's show host, when TV still existed.

By some miracle, he's still around.

It's a little strange that he's still wearing his costume.

Not enough food

You need 5 food to recruit him to the party.


Bee strong, bee loyal.

Upon death

For the bees!


"I never believed I'd make it!"

Bee Mann was finally able to retire the bee suit, replacing it with a moose theme.

Special Abilities

If Bee Mann is in your party during the Bee Trouble! event, he can sing to the bee and cause it to leave. This grants the whole party +2 Morale.


  • Bee Mann might possibly be based on El Chapulín Colorado (The Red Grasshopper), the main protagonist of a Mexican comedy television series of the same name.
  • In the DUODENUM update release notes it's joked that Bee Mann is a 'hard counter' to the Bee Trouble! event. This may have potentially been the premise for his creation.
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