The Black Cat is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited at Trading Camps. It requires a payment of 13 Food to the Witch in order to join the party.

The Black Cat has one item slot and uses Fierce Claw as its weapon. It is functionally identical to other Cats, meaning it always starts with 0 Loyalty and 5-6 Fitness. This also gives it a -2 max Morale penalty and a +1 max Fitness bonus.

Encounter Text

When purchased from the Witch

"The group buys a BLACK CAT..."


Special Abilities

The Black Cat, like all cats, has a +1 Fitness bonus and a unique unarmed attack called Fierce Claw. This attack does 50% more damage & knockback than most light weapons and can hit one additional target.

If Black Cat's morale gets low enough, the Black Cat may kill a random party member. The cat will be pleased with itself and its morale will go up.


  • The Black Cat is functionally identical to any other Cat party member.
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