Bogan is a recruitable Rare Character based on Logan/Wolverine, a character by Marvel commonly associated with the X-men series.

Bogan can be found wandering in wrecked buildings during City looting events standing in front of a pile of rubble. He frequently says "BUB!" between events. Bogan joins the party with 2 Vitality and two inventory slots. His Strength and Fitness are revealed upon recruiting. In addition, he has a +1 max bonus to both Strength and Fitness.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It looks like a small hairy man. Maybe some sort of new gnome species? It's weird that gnomes never were seen before the zombocalypse.

Sorry, I got off-topic.

What do you want, BUB?


Upon recruitment

He fwinks out his claws with a little fwiiiiiink noise.

Let's hit the road, BUB!


If party is full

Bogan needs a surprising amount of room in the car. You'll have to get rid of someone:



Bogan was mistaken for a rare subspecies of wolverine and got thrown into a zoo. He didn't mind.

Special Abilities

Bogan has a special unarmed attack called 'Fierce Claw' which is 50% stronger than most light weapons. He shares this unarmed attack with cats and Panda.


Bogan's Gnome Regen trait allows him to recover one unit of health every time healing occurs without the need of medical supplies (this happens everytime healing is attempted)

Dadamantium Claws is a cosmetic perk and grants no unique benefits.


  • Bogan's claws are made of "dadamantium," which is a parody of "adamantium," a fictional metal alloy that Logan's claws are made of in the X-Men franchise. The perk itself is purely cosmetic.
  • Bogan's cigarette acts as a small source of light.
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