The Bookstore is a visitable location in Death Road to Canada. It appears as both an Always Be Looting location and a City looting location.

Bookstores are loaded with heavy books that can be tossed at zombies. Each bookstore has a single skill book that the party can read after they leave the area to gain a stat boost.


Always Be Looting

ABL bookstores have a layout similar to a Yall-Mart, consisting of four rooms: the main interior, two bathrooms and a storage room. All four rooms contain books, and the skill book can be found in any of them.


City bookstores are significantly smaller than their ABL counterparts. They can be recognized by a sign with the name "BOOKATORIUM" on it. The building has only two rooms: the main interior and a single bathroom. Unlike ABL bookstores, only the main room will have books (including the skill book) in it.

Encounter Text

The group sees a large bookstore. Most of the books and magazines have gotten wet and rotted by now, but one here remains in good condition.

  • Get something to read

NOTE: This text applies only to the ABL version, as city locations do not have specific encounter text.


  • The ABL variant of this location is spelled as a single word (Bookstore), while the city variant is spelled as two words (Book Store).
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