Bottomless Pit is a common Walking Event that can be encountered if the party is without a Vehicle. This event does not feature a player choice.

Event Text

While walking, [Character] doesn't notice a hole in [his/her] backpack.


Normal Outcome

By the time [he/she] realizes this, there had been hours of opportunity for supplies to fall through.

[Character] -1 Morale
[Party] -(2-4) Food
[Party] -(2-4) Medical
[Party] -(10-21) Pistol Bullets
[Party] -(10-21) Rifle Rounds
[Party] -(5-13) Shotgun Shells


Low Supplies*

There were so little supplies that none were lost. [Character] feels really smug about this!

[Character] +2 Morale

* This result will occur if all supplies are lower than the values listed here: 4 Food, 3 Medical, 11 Bullets, 11 Rounds, 7 Shells

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