Bryce Lu is a Rare Character that can be encountered during an Event. He is based on a famous martial artist by the name of Bruce Lee.

The group will spot Bryce Lu sneaking through crowds of zombies (despite his bright yellow jumpsuit) and can go on a scavenging run to investigate. If found he will explain he got cornered and needs help escaping.

If the party can escort Bryce Lu back to the car and escape he will teach a chosen party member the Kung Fu unarmed attack, identical to the one given by the Martial Artist Perk. If the chosen member already knows Kung Fu, he will train them further and upgrade their attack to Kill Fu, a stronger version of Kung Fu that also hits one more target. Bryce cannot be recruited if rescued.

Bryce himself also uses Kung Fu as his unarmed attack. While it cannot be revealed during normal gameplay, in the game files it can be seen that his Strength and Fitness are fixed at 4 and 6 respectively, and he has 4 Vitality.


10- Kung Fu to Canada

10- Kung Fu to Canada

Bryce Lee teaser from Kepa's Youtube channel.

Encounter Text

See Kung Fu Master for full text.


  • The signature yellow jumpsuit that Bryce Lu is portrayed in was never actually used in any film starring Bruce Lee. It was intended for a movie by the name of 'The Game of Death', but Bruce sadly died during filming.
  • Bryce cannot be recruited, even in the O*P*P lobby.
  • As indicated in certain parts of the game files, Bryce Lu was originally going to be called "Bryce Li".
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