Busted Leg is an Event that may occur in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group meets a woman limping around with a crutch. One of her legs was wounded in a recent fall as she was getting away from zombies.

  • [Character]: Help her leg
  • [Character]: Tell her to COOL IT (Available with the Grating Stat Combo)
  • [Character]: Steal her supplies (Available with the Sociopath Stat Combo)
  • No time to help


[Character]: Help her leg

[Character] tries to treat the woman's busted leg.

**If character has low Medical skill**

They have no idea what they are doing, waste a day, and maybe make things a little worse.

  • [Character] -1 Morale
  • The group eats a decent meal

**If character has at least 3 Medical**

He/She uses his/her medical expertise to quickly fix up her leg! She appreciates the help and gives what she can spare!

  • [Character] +1 Medical
  • -1 Medical Supplies
  • +2 food

[Grating character]: Tell her to COOL IT

[Character] tells the woman to COOL IT.

She asks WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, EXACTLY? before limping away in disgust.

[Grating character]: Tell her to COOL IT!!! (Fully charged)

[Character] tells the woman to COOL IT!!!

The woman takes this as advice that she should apply cold compresses to her leg, after the group helps with that, she offers a reward!

  • [Party] +3 Morale
  • [Reward options appear]

[Sociopath Character] Steal her supplies

[Sociopath Character] easily robs the wounded woman of what little supplies she had left. Way to go!

No time to help

  • No gain/loss
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