The Busy Hotel is an Always Be Looting location in Death Road to Canada. It is a hotel location consisting of up to 17 rooms containing various loot and supplies, including a decent amount of food and ammo. One of the bathrooms is guaranteed to contain a random firearm (plus some ammo for it), and there is also a 15% chance of finding a magazine in one of the other bathrooms. As an inner location, it does not allow access to the trunk.

Possible rooms

  • Starting lobby: 1
  • Halls: up to 2
  • Bedrooms: up to 6
  • Bathrooms: up to 6 (all bedrooms have a bathroom connected to them, meaning the number of bathrooms will always be greater than or equal to the number of bedrooms)
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Closet: 0-1

Event Text

The group spots a hotel while travelling through a ransacked town. It looks like a group of people tried to barricade it, but were interrupted. All that's left are the undead.

  • Enter Hotel
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