Can Shooting Practice is a common camping event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group camps out in a big field.

  • Group sleeps, one meal is eaten

They find a row of cans sitting on a wooden fence.

  • Leave the camp
  • Shoot the cans (requires a gun)


Leave the camp

  • Event ends, nothing happens

Shoot the cans

The group gets some shooting practice by blasting the cans.

A man in red long johns runs onto the field with a pitchfork.

My cans! My precious antique cans! Oh, look what you done to em!

He shakes the pitchfork as he yells.

If party has at least one character with low (less than 2) Loyalty: [Character] doesn't care.

  • [Party] +1 Shooting
  • [Characters with 2 or more Loyalty] -1 Morale
  • [Characters with less than 2 Loyalty] Loyalty revealed

d'oh/HAW haw!

  • Event ends, nothing happens

DON'T HAVE COW MAN! (requires a Grating character and a charged COOL IT!!!)

The secret ritual has been completed!

Bort has been summoned...

Full party
The group is full, but Bort has been summoned. Who gets to leave?


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