The Caveman is a Rare Character that was added in the August 2017 DUODENUM update. Despite the name, the Caveman is actually a female.

She can be found in the rare event 'Frozen Friend', where she appears trapped in a block of ice. The player must attack the ice repeatedly to break it open. Upon freeing the Caveman she will offer to either join the party or teach the leading character in either combat or survival. The former option increases Vitality and maximum Strength by 1, while the latter increases Medical and maximum Fitness by 1.

The Caveman's Fitness and Strength are revealed upon recruitment. She has two inventory slots a unique weapon, the 'Giant Club' which can not be dropped. As her encounter text suggests, she cannot use firearms or gas-powered weapons.

Encounter Text (Prehistoric Pal)

See Frozen Friend for full encounter text.


  • "I don't understand your crazy future 'chairs'. I get everything else."
  • "We didn't have zombos where I'm from. What did you do to get them?"
  • "MAYBE I was sleeping in that ice on purpose! Maybe I like ice."
  • "These zombos are slow, but so is ice and that can sneak up."
  • "I need a bigger weapon."
  • "Are talking dinosaurs still around?"
  • "I speak your language cause I've done time travel once, ice sleep twice."
  • "I'm used to this future travel. It happens a lot to me."
  • "I'm sure there's a time portal around, somewhere in Canada."
  • "Maybe I shouldn't go back to past. I'll just fall asleep in ice again."
  • "For monsters, zombies are real slow. I'm going to get lazy fighting them."
  • "Dinosaurs were all coated in feathers. They looked ridiculous."
  • "At least I didn't travel to the far far future this time."
  • "I wonder how many others get frozen in ice. I do, all the time."
  • "Running is better than being eaten. Not as good as smashing."
  • "I can't get used to your 'guns' fad. Give me a tree trunk, any day."

Upon death

  • "The future is crap!"


"Uuurrrrgh ice everywhere."

Caveman took a nap that day and was immediately encased in ice. She woke up in the far far future.

Special Abilities

Caveman's Strength can go 3 levels over the maximum while her Fitness can go 2 levels over maximum. Her stats start low however so they require training to take advantage of. Additionally, she starts with 4 Vitality.


  • Despite being female Caveman's name is always 'Caveman.'
  • Based on similarities in design, Caveman may be based on Ayla from Chrono Trigger, who in turn is inspired by and named after Ayla from the "Earth's Children" historical fantasy novel series.
  • Although the event text for survival tips mentions the character's Dexterity increasing, the outcome actually increases the character's Fitness, not Dexterity.
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