The Coffee Shop is a City looting location in Death Road to Canada. It can be recognized by a sign with the name "APOCALYPSE COFFEE" on it. It consists of two rooms: the main interior and a bathroom. No supplies can be found in the building, aside from toilet loot in the bathroom - the location's main draw is the still-functioning coffee machine behind the counter.

Interacting with the coffee machine gives the lead character the option to drink coffee. Drinking coffee will make the character Coffee'd Up, giving them a +3 boost to Dexterity and a +4 boost to Strength and Fitness, and will also cancel out the "Tired" stat mod until the end of the mission. Drinking coffee again will replace "Coffee'd Up" with "Sick", replacing the stat buffs with a -2 Morale and -1 Fitness debuff. Further attempts to drink coffee will have a 50% chance to deal 1 (non-lethal) damage to the character. This process may be repeated for every character in the party.

A character with high (5 or more) Mechanical stat is given the option to mess with the settings and make the perfect cup of coffee. The character will gain 2 Morale and a permanent Dexterity increase in addition to the normal coffee buffs. Unlike normal coffee, this will also remove the "Sick" stat mod. After this, the machine breaks and cannot be used further.

Event Text

This enormous and complex coffee machine was built to survive a few different kinds of end of the world scenarios. This was a big part of this coffee shop's marketing campaign.

Truth in advertising, it still works!

Character is not sapient

[Character] doesn't have the first idea as to how to operate this thing. And really, [dogs/cats/goats/critters] shouldn't drink coffee anyway.

[Character] gets some COFFEE

Character's first drink

[Character] sprays some coffee into an old cup lying around and then drinks it. He/she feels all COFFEE'D UP.

Character's second drink

[Character] drinks EVEN MORE coffee and then feels pretty sick afterwards.

It's hard to say if it was the massive amount of caffeine, the filthy cups, or how the coffee has been rotting for an unknown amount of time.

  • Character loses the Coffee'd Up status
  • Character becomes Sick

Character's third (and beyond) drink

[Character] is feeling too sick to enjoy coffee that's been sitting in a machine for what might be years.

  • (50% chance) [Character] -1 Health (non-lethal)

[Character] messes with the settings

[Character] uses all his/her mechanical skills to figure out what the many, many buttons on the coffee brewer do.

He/She makes the perfect cup of coffee! It's delicious! The coffee machine sparks, emits smoke, and dies.

  • [Character] +2 Morale
  • [Character] +1 Dexterity
  • Character becomes Coffee'd Up
  • Character loses the Sick status, if they had it
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