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Composure is a personality stat in Death Road to Canada. This stat determine's a survivors ability to remain calm during stressful or even dull situations.


Survivors with higher composure will generally remain calm during events that cause panic among the party, such as Fire!, or manage their patience well in boring situations, such as Still Having to Wait in Line. Additionally, a very composed survivor may not follow the party leader's order to fight and may instead back away from combat during Always Be Looting events.[1] Combined with a high shooting skill, a survivor can have the Calm-Shot stat combo. Traits that ensure high composure include Calm Under Fire and Civilized.

Inversely, low composure characters are very impatient and can quickly raise problems in such events that benefit from high composure. Additionally, survivors with very low composure may randomly fall out of line and ignore orders to run, preferring to fight instead during ABL events.[1] Combine with a High Strength Stat, a survivor can have the Angry-Strong stat combo. Combined with a low loyalty stat, a survivor can have the Sociopath stat combo. Traits that ensure low composure include Bandit, Fierce Tempered, and BERSERK!.


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