The Concrete Bunker is a rare Always be Looting location. It sets the player characters party in a large open field with a large number of wandering zombies, north of where you spawn a concrete bunker can be located.

The bunker has a pre-determined inner structure (rather than randomized). You will always enter the underground structure from west(left), and there will always be a certain set of rooms with fixed location:

  • Meeting room (where you enter the main structure);
  • Kitchen with some Food inside (north to meeting room);
  • Storeroom containing a huge amount (10~18) of Food (south to meeting room)
  • Big Bedroom (east to meeting room)
  • A 工-shaped room, with 2 common guns and many shelves containing ammo (north to bedroom)
  • A narrow room containing a high-tier gun, such as a Slug Shotgun and a little ammo (east to bedroom)
  • Restroom with 4 shelves of Medical supplies (south to bedroom)

One can harvest a vast amount of loot, including a rare firearm if you inspect the bunker thoroughly. Be careful though, as there are many zombies both inside and outside the bunker.

Sometimes you may also find tree-based weapons like branch or log outside of the bunker.

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