'Cool It' and 'Cool It!!!'

When prompted with options during Events and with Traders, Characters with sufficiently low Wits and Attitude may be given the option to say 'COOL IT' or 'SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT'. This can be used in many events and encounters throughout the game, from traders and bandits to hermits and bees. Selecting this option almost always results in penalties, including automatic failure, harsh punishments, or even the death of the character.

Cool It!

This option will be available as long as at least one member in the party has 0 or 1 in both Wits and Attitude, giving them the 'Grating' Stat Combo. These stats are automatically granted to characters with 'Irritating' or 'BERSERK!' Traits and may be randomly given to other characters provided their own Wits and Attitude were not already predetermined. Losing the stat combo by increasing either stat to 2 or above will result in that character losing this dialogue choice.

Although the option may seem self-sabotaging and overall useless, after 3 uses of it on the same run, the character will have the option to say 'Cool It!!!' instead. Unlike regular usage, 'Cool It!!!' is always beneficial to the group, with possible rewards ranging from supplies to free stat training to even exclusive Rare Recruits.

How to obtain 'Cool It!!!'

The group has a hidden 'Cool it' stat which increases whenever a character says 'Cool it' in dialogue. Once the regular 'Cool it' option has been selected 3 times, 'Cool It!!!', differentiated by three flashing exclamation marks, replaces the ordinary option to reflect the availability of a new, beneficial outcome. Certain events such as And Then a Sasquatch and Cool-it Diplomacy will increment the 'Cool it' stat more than once or even instantly maximize it.

It is recommended to build up the 'Cool it' counter off of common weapons traders and stat trainers in Trader Camps, as (with the exception of the Weapon Fanatic) the worst they will do is kick the party out of the camp immediately, whereas most other 'dud' instances confer much harsher penalties.

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