Cursed Treasure is an uncommon Driving Event in DR2C. It lets you choose to receive stat upgrades or rare weapons in exchange for character penalties.

Event text

The group looks for supplies in a creepy cabin and uncovers a hidden basement with an ancient treasure!

Warning: Red choices have a penalty of morale loss and nonfatal damage! The flashing choice will set the character you give the weapon to down to one locked slot!

  • Goblin Gift Basket
  • The Dingusnomicon (red text)
  • Long Lost Weapons (red text)
  • [Strong weapon] (flashing text)


Goblin Gift Basket

The group found a Goblin Gift Basket!

The gift basket is mildly cursed! Now [Character] feels obligated to buy a gift for the unseen and possibly nonexistent goblins!

All the chances are independent of each other.

The Dingusnomicon

If alone: [Character] reads the Dingusnomicon!
If not alone: Everyone takes turns reading the Dingusnomicon!

It's an evil, ancient book covered in eyes and mouths. It keeps doing little bites and also shouts 'nerd' in a thousand different forgotten languages.

  • [Party] -1 Morale
  • [Party] -1 Health (nonlethal)

The book imparts its FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE!

Long Lost Weapons

The group finds a cache of very old weapons! While sorting through some unusable junk, they run into problems with splinters and tiny, bitey spiders.

  • [Party] -1 Morale
  • [Party] -1 Health (nonlethal)

They take some useful weapons, including a [Weapon]!

[Strong Weapon]

Possible weapons - Pirate Cutlass, Mighty Claymore, Sturdy Cleaver.

Who should be given the incredibly cursed [Weapon]?

Warning: The weapon will be locked to the character, and the character will be reduced to one carrying slot!

Pick character

[Character] picks up the [Weapon]!

It fuses into his/her hands, preventing the use of any other weapon!

Chosen character has the Specialist trait

[Character] feels naturally familiar with this weapon somehow, and also feels just a little smug.

  • [Character] +1 Strength
  • [Character] +1 Fitness
  • [Character] +1 Morale
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