Danger Ranger Rescue is a Event that can be encountered while driving. The player must find and safely escort four "Danger Rangers" who have gotten separated in a Suburb map. In order to complete the event properly all four rangers must be found and rescued. Each Danger Ranger that is successfully saved will reward you with a different bonus (see outcomes below).

Event Text

The group sees four people in bright, shiny outfits. They're running around punching zombies and doing little poses. They get overwhelmed by the swarm and flee in different directions.

If Pink is found

Pink says she is glad [Name] showed up.

She assumes a martial arts stance!

If Green is found

Green says he could use some help!

He cracks his knuckles and starts following.

If Blue is found

Blue says he got separated from his team.

He does a few little poses for no good reason.

If Orange is found

Orange says she needs to get back to her team.

She does a fancy kick to emphasize her sentence, and loses a shoe.


Upon Escape

The group escapes that swarmed suburb.

Danger Ranger Fan Club

If Pink is saved

Pink unleashes her Healing Ranger Ray!

  • [Party] Full Heal

If Green is saved

Green grants some of his famous strength.

If Blue is saved

Blue gives an inspirational pep talk!

If Orange is saved

Orange bestows some of her energy and fitness.

If at least one Ranger is missed

The group feels inadequate over not finding everyone.

  • [Party] -1 Morale
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