When a Character sustains too many bites from Zombies they will die. Upon death the character will call out a random phrase as a dramatic final word.

This list contains all the random phrases characters can say upon their death.

"oh poop"
"uh wait... aaaaa"
"I regret nothing!"
"I regret everything!"
"Tell Tim Horton I..."
"This is everyone's fault but me!"
"Real mature, zombies! REAL mature!"
"Catch you on the flip side"
"This dude is biting me!"
"Well... could be worse"
"I knew this would happen!"
"Oh uh... woops!"
"Ow! Ow!!"
"Hey... cut it out"
"I hope I don't turn into a skeleton"
"Please don't throw my skeleton around"
"If only I threw more chairs..."
"Fine! This is fine!"
"Who needs Canada, anyway?"
"Wait, I think I dropped my gum!"
"Time out! Time out!"
"Wait, that one didn't count!"
"Wait! I get a do-over!"
"This is all YOUR fault!"
"Uh... I meant to do that!"
"This is aaaaall part of the plan, heh"
"Tell everyone my last words were cool!"
"Cheaters! You zombies cheated!"
"Save me, Rosdower!"
"saaave meeeeeee"
"Uhhh... little help?"
"heeelp meeeee"
"Don't worry, I have a plan!"
"Ow ow ow ow ow"
"No one touch any of my stuff!"
"Bury me... with my food cans!"
"Bury me with my beloved car keys!"
"Bury me with a sweet headstone!"
"Oh well! Better luck next time."
"That was close! Oh wait, ow!"
"I got a problem, here."
"That stings!"
"Ha! That tickles!"
"Bring it on!!!"
"No problem! I got this!"
"Argh! Run for it!"
"This was a bad idea!"
"Wait! I got something in my eye!"
"I'm fine. I'll walk it off!"
"Just got the wind knocked outta me."
"Heh, this is nothing! I've had worse!"
"I can still do this! One second!"
"*rolling eyes at zombies in disgust*"
"Excuse me... stop eating me please"
"Hey! Bad zombie! Bad!"
"Slow zombies aren't supposed to be dangerous!"
"I'm in for it now!"
"I've had it now!"
"This is it for me!"
"No fair!"
"No way!"
"Either these zombies go... or I do!"
"For cripes sake..."
"Ow my spleen"
"I hope that's just ketchup"
"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. I'm dead!"
"Zombie spit, gross"

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