Death Road Radio is a common driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group finds a radio station. The broadcasting equipment is hooked up to a gas generator with a small amount of fuel left. There's enough power to get out one message to anyone that may hear it.

Who should send the message?

  • Siphon generator
  • [Character]


Siphon generator

The group siphons the gas out of the generator. There wasn't much left, but every little bit helps. The radio station's power shuts down.

+20-30 gas



[Character] says something along the lines of BARK! or maybe BORK?

Here's hoping it confused a lot of people listening to their radios.

[Character] +1 Morale

Non-dog animal

[Character] attacks the microphone. The microphone is destroyed! [Character] is very pleased about getting rid of this threat.

[Character] Strength and Fitness revealed
[Character] +2 Morale

Oblivious (low Wits, high Attitude)

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[Character] turns the microphone on by accident, then blurts out a lot of embarrassing personal facts. This includes some useful information to bandits, such as location and current amount of supplies.

[Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
[Rest of party] -2 Morale

Grating (low Wits and Attitude)

[Character] repeatedly shrieks COOL IT! into the microphone.

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After eleven of these shrieks, the radio equipment shorts out and the generator lights on fire.

[Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
[Character] +1 Morale
[Rest of party] -2 Morale
Cool It! level maxed

Paranoid (high Wits, low Attitude)


[Character] broadcasts a long, breathless rant about how the zombie apocalypse was created by the government.

The project was codenamed PROJECT: DINGUS and the intended goal was to serve as a smokescreen for making jorts* illegal. FINALLY, the truth has been revealed!

[Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
[Character] +3 Morale
[Rest of party] -1 Morale

*Note: Jorts means 'jean shorts'.

Bandit (low Loyalty and Composure)

[Character] broadcasts a helpful message:




The last line of this tirade is yelled so loud that the microphone emits feedback.

[Character] +2 Morale
[Character] Loyalty and Composure revealed
[Rest of party] -1 Morale
[Rest of party] -1 Loyalty

Low Loyalty, but not Composure

Low loyalty outcome
[Character] broadcasts a helpful message:



[Character] +1 Morale
[Character] Loyalty Revealed
[Rest of party] -1 Morale

High Medical


[Character] knows that [his/her] message can save lives, and desperately rattles off as much practical medical knowledge as [he/she] can in a short time.

Maybe this can help someone.

[Character] Medical revealed
[Character] +1 Morale
[Party] +1 Medical

High Mechanical

[Character] broadcasts a short impromptu talk show that is a crash course in car repair. It's informative and entertaining.

Maybe this can help someone.

[Character] Mechanical revealed
[Character] +1 Morale
[Party] +1 Mechanical

High Fitness

[Character] creates an intense radio calisthenics show. Whoever is listening joins in with the exercises.

The total combined sweat from this could fill up a bathtub.

[Character] Fitness revealed
[Character] +2 Morale
[Party] +1 Fitness

High Shooting

[Character] broadcasts some very effective tips and theories on zombie shooting.

During the show, [he/she] even comes up with some new trick shots.

[Character] Shooting revealed
[Character] +1 Morale
[Party] +1 Shooting

High Strength

[Character] reads a poem that [he/she] wrote about how much [he/she] loves being strong.

The Four Spirits of Swoleness hear this sweet poem, and they confer their blessing!

[Character] Strength revealed
[Character] +1 Morale
[Party] +1 Strength

Low Medical

[Character] proudly spouts as much medical knowledge as [he/she] can in a short time.

It's all really bad advice that makes anyone that hears it actually worse off.

[Character] Medical revealed
[Character] +2 Morale
[Rest of party] -1 Medical

Low Mechanical

[Character] rambles on about repairing sweet cars and 'crafting level 3 lighting-flame-chainsaws' until the power runs out.

Anyone that hears this actually gets worse at repairing things.

[Character] Mechanical revealed
[Character] +2 Morale
[Rest of party] -1 Mechanical

Charming (high Wits and Attitude)

[Character] can't come up with anything else, so [he/she] sings a song. It's a great performance, sure to become a new post-zombocalyptic hit single!

[Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
[Party] +2 Morale

Does not meet any of the above criteria

[Character] can't think of anything to say, and stays silent even as the power runs out.

[Character] -1 Morale
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