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Rocketcat put a lot of hard work into making the discovery aspect of DRtC a key component in the enjoyment of the game. As this Wiki contains spoilers consider limiting reading to encounters you've experienced already. Happy Driving!

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  • edit Who can be trusted?
    edited by JohnSPerez 4 days ago diff
    Summary: (with Low Composure):
  • edit Who can be trusted?
    edited by JohnSPerez 4 days ago diff
    Summary: (with High loyalty):
  • discussion page Talk:Rest Stop
    new comment by Shannon varney-carr
    Comment: i found mega maul day one in rest stop! all the loot was in the bathroom as well....
    Added photo:
  • edit Santa
    edited by Profgawhite678 diff
    Summary: Adding Rare Characters widget
  • discussion page Talk:Sewers
    new comment by RainingMetal
    Comment: Pretty much. The door is perpendicular to the horizontal escape route.
  • discussion page Talk:Sewers
    new comment by ReconUnit
    Comment: So far as I know aside of the main tunnels leading to the exit is there only "one" room during the River of Sludge that contains loot ?
  • discussion page Event ideas!
    created by Lord-sivlers-evil-twin


    higher education the group is looting a school. there is nothing of interest untill they find a quiz in a classroom. what will you do? - s... 



    Cooking by the Book The group is looting an old house when they find a working oven and some cookie dough! They decide to: Leave it alone/B... 

  • discussion page Talk:Medical Clinic
    new comment by Roshiano
    Comment: One time I found a bonesaw
  • discussion page Talk:Traits
    new comment by ReconUnit
    Comment: Not sure if it was explained elsewhere, but can certain non-stat traits like City Seeker stack if you have another character in the team with the...
  • discussion page Talk:Events
    new comment by ElkcubrA noJ
    Comment: I was messing around in O*P*P Mode with Mecha Mountie, and apparently it gets signiture events. I forgot to take a screenshot but I think an event a...
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