The Rules and Regulations are set in place by the Staff team of the Death Road to Canada Wikia, it is the set of terms that are enforced to ensure the community is kept in satisfactory condition.

All users and staff are to follow the rules at all times.

Community Policies


  • Harassment will have zero tolerance within the community, if such actions are deemed as harassment the offending user will be given long term negative consequences.

Crude/Discriminatory Language

  • Excessively crude, offensive and/or discriminatory language will not be tolerated on the Wiki.


  • Anything that is deemed spamming (the attempt at flooding a comment section, or articles with repetitive/inappropriate content) will not be tolerated.

Pornographic Content

  • Pornographic/suggestive content is prohibited within the Wiki, as stated in the site wide rules. And will be met with a ban.


  • Sockpuppeting (the act of using multiple accounts to manipulate users, avoid bans or other punishments) is strictly forbidden.

Sensitive Topics

  • Discussion of sensitive topics (such as religious/political subjects) are discouraged on the Wiki and should be avoided.

Editing Policies

Inaccurate/Irrelevant Content

  • Posting content that is not related to Death Road, or is inaccurate content (whilst knowing it) is considered a bad faith edit. These will not be tolerated, as it is considered misleading information.


  • Vandalism is where someone obstructs a page from its original purpose, generally in a malicious manner. Vandalism will not be tolerated on any comment, profile or article.

Assume Good Faith

  • Be patient with new editors if they genuinely have no idea how to edit, refer them to the Manual of Style. Assuming good faith before anything else will improve the community.

Useless Edits

  • Edits that aren’t considered vandalism, but are still not satisfactory enough to stay are useless edits. Any edits that add a space in a random spot, removing and adding a period or anything along those lines is a useless edit.

Reverting Edits

  • Do not revert edits unless absolutely necessary, even in such scenario contact a rollback or a higher status staff member to do so.
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