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Death Road To Canada Wiki

Staff are those with modified userrights that assist and moderate the Death Road to Canada Wiki! They can be contacted on their talk page (message wall) or on the Rocketcat Games Discord server.

Staff Userrights

Bureaucrats are the community leaders, they have every userright and can additionally add administrators (or remove). They hold every responsibility as an administrator, but generally manage things on top of that.

Administrators primarily focus on the CSS/JS portions of the wiki, and perform heavy maintenance on the Wiki whenever necessary. They additionally have the ability to ban and block users from the Wiki.

Content Moderators are a step up from Rollbacks, and have more powers to help them in moderating the Wiki. As such they can remove articles, reupload previously deleted content, protect pages and more.

Rollbacks are those who have the ability to "rollback" unsatisfactory edits to a previous version in one click with the rollback feature. They primarily patrol and check for discrepancies on the wiki, modifying pages if they hold incorrect data.

Becoming Staff

To become staff, applicants may apply whenever the Staff team is looking for new members. There are several requirements to even be considered for joining, and all must be met unless in special circumstances.

  • 1) The user must have 200 mainspace edits or greater. This means actual dedicated edits on legitimate articles on the wiki, the more the better. Edits to profiles, forum posts and comments do not count as mainspace edits.
  • 2) Must be active within the Discord server. We need someone who is actually actively interacting with the community. Joining the Discord is a REQUIREMENT, without being active within the Discord means you have zero chance of being selected.
  • 3) Must be an active contributor of the Wikia for 1 week or more as a minimum. This is a minimum requirement, but being a veteran contributor gives you a higher chance of being added to the team.

Name Rank Current status
Halcyonic Angel Bureaucrat Semi-Active
NekoJadey Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Gahshunk Bureaucrat Semi-Active
SnowYue Administrator Inactive
Jon the Rocket Knight Administrator Semi-Active
Dvx105 Content Moderator Inactive
DevNode72 Content Moderator Active
Fullbide Content Moderator Active