The Debutante is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited in a random Event while driving. She is depicted as a sophisticated lady of the gentry dressed in a blue dress with matching Victorian touring hat.

She appears to be a woman of the strict upper class, wielding an umbrella and only rarely speaking.

When she is recruited her Strength and Fitness are revealed.

She wields a stronger version of the Umbrella known as the Debutante Umbrella, and also begins with a Purse. The umbrella cannot be unequipped.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group opens the door to a tea shop and finds a very fancy dressed woman inside, casually comparing two boxes of tea. She puts the boxes down, turns half to you, and picks up her umbrella.

Upon Recruiting

[Name] spins her umbrella around her hand with lightning speed, and then snaps it in a resting pose against her shoulder. She must have practiced that a lot.

If Party is full

[Name] agrees to join, but then sees how incredibly crowded your vehicle is, with both people and various filth. "WELL, I NEVER!" Get rid of someone to make room?


"I'm going to need some stylish winter clothes..."

[Name] finally found a civilized place to stay. She developed a popular fashion line.

Special Abilities

Debutante's Umbrella is stronger than a normal Umbrella and cannot break. It also counts as an Umbrella for the purpose of the Horrible Weather Event.


  •  Debutante is a term most commonly used around the 1950's for an upper-class or aristocratic young woman making her first appearance in fashionable society.
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