Deep Cut is a common driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

[Character] cuts him/herself pretty bad while goofing off in the post-apocalypse. He/She will probably need stitches for his/her arm.

  • Ignore it / Walk it off
  • [Highest Medical Character] attempts to stitch it up
  • [Interacting Character] cauterizes it


Ignore it

[Character] decides he/she doesn't need any stiches, and that it's best to just ignore the problem. He/She ends up bleeding everywhere, and the arm never heals fully.

  • [Character] -1 Health (non-lethal)
  • [Character] -1 Strength

Stitch it up

[Character 2] tries to suture up [Character]'s arm.

Character 2 has high Medical (5 or more) or passes Medical roll

Party has medical supplies
He/she stiches up the arm with minimal pain.

Party has no medical supplies
With no medical supplies, [Character 2] does the best he/she can. There are some issues later with infection.

  • [Character] -1 Morale
  • [Character 2] Medical revealed

Character 2 fails medical roll

He/she ends up botching the stitches and making the wound worse. The bleeding stops, but [Character]'s arm heals poorly.

  • [Character] -1 Health (non-lethal)
  • [Character] -1 Strength
  • [Character 2] Medical revealed

Cauterize it

[Character] imitates something he/she saw while watching the movie 'Rambeux'. He/She gets a knife really hot and then puts it right on the cut to try to cauterize the wound.

It was a pretty bad idea! The pain is extreme, though the bleeding stops and there's no loss of strength in the arm.

  • [Character] -3 Morale


  • "Rambeux" is a parody of the Rambo franchise, specifically the movie First Blood (also known as simply "Rambo"). Rambeux is also one of the rare characters that can be recruited on the Death Road.
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