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Department of Motor Vehicles is a rare bonus location which can randomly spawn during a City looting ABL event.

Department of Motor Vehicles is a building containing hallway which is connected to toilet rooms and a room containing a Driver License Printer. In this building there is a main room full of many chairs connected to a hallway with a long line of skeletons (20~) lined up along a hallway in front of a reception desk. In another room there is a line of 7~ skeletons in front of a machine. The room has numerous unlootable desks and cabinets.

Event Text

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I can't believe you skipped the line! Very rude!

This is a machine used to print driver's licenses.

It can print one final license before running out of supplies.

[Character] could use a new one, his/her license is about to expire!

  • Leave it for now
  • Print new license


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What should the name be on the driver's license?

Smellbert or Fartfart

[Character]'s name is now Smellbert/Fartfart! The driver's license says so! It's legally binding!

Smellbert: What a completely awful new name!
Fartfart: This is still better than his/her previous name.

Character is DSYP

Smellbert/Fartfart doesn't really mind the name too much. It's kind of fitting!

  • [Character] +1 Morale
  • [Character] +1 Vitality
  • [Character] -5 fart total
  • [Character]'s name is changed to Smellbert/Fartfart


Smellbert/Fartfart instantly forms a massive chip on his/her shoulder. He/she enters a permanent state of simmering rage!

  • [Character] +1 Strength
  • [Character] +1 Fitness
  • [Character] -1 Morale
  • [Character] -1 Composure
  • [Character]'s name is changed to Smellbert/Fartfart

Harry Ham

[Character]'s name is now Harry Ham! The driver's license says so! It's legally binding!

Harry Ham was the most popular name for centuries in the Late Medieval era, for both boys and girls. It was thought that it provided a blessing of good health.

  • [Character] +1 Vitality
  • [Character]'s name is changed to Harry Ham

Cool [Character]

[Character]'s name is now Cool [Character]! The driver's license says so! It's legally binding!

Cool [Character] feels way past cool with his/her new name!

  • [Character] +3 Morale
  • Character's name is changed to Cool [Character]
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