Breeds of Dog available in-game.

Dogs are a type of pet that have been available since the realease of Death Road to Canada. They can be found all over the world, particularly in Pet Shops, Trader Camps, Apartments with "BARK" Banners, as well as randomly while driving. Characters with the Friend of Dog perk will have a higher chance of finding dogs to recruit and can befriend feral dogs.

Multiple different breeds of dogs are available within the game, but they are purely cosmetic and do not impact performance in any way.

Dogs found in apartments have a 1% of being Lil' Sam Byool.


Dogs are able to gather the attention of zombies by barking, much like honking a car horn or firing a firearm. Dogs are also able to attack using their claws, which is stronger than a standard punch. As with most pets, dogs will have a dexterity value of 5, making them very fast runners, and they will only consume one food each day, have two points of vitality, and a single inventory slot.

Dog Poop.png

Additionally, as of the June 2019 ILEUM update, dogs have a chance to poop upon barking. The amount of poop a dog can produce per mission depends on its Morale. Dog poop can be picked up and thrown at zombies to knock them down. Zombies will also slip and fall upon stepping on poop. There is a 1% chance that the poop will have a smiling face on it, which also makes it indestructible.

Super Dogs

If a dog is the only survivor left in a party they will become a 'Super Dog' and continue to Canada on their own. Super dogs can use weapons, and receive a number of other benefits. While regular dogs do not benefit from having their stats raised, any stats gained prior to becoming super-trained will carry over, allowing the Super Dog to use improved stats which were previously going unused.

A Super Dog stands upright to use weapons; when doing this, it is slightly slower than a normal dog. If it drops the weapon, it runs on all fours and has normal dog speed. Since a dog can carry only one weapon, a Super Dog cannot change weapons. While controlling the Super Dog, pressing the weapon change button while already wielding one will cause the Super Dog to bark instead.


Puppies grow up-0.png

As of the August 5th DUODENUM update, Puppies can now be found as rare recruitable party members in Trading Camps. Unlike Dogs they have a 'Weak Claw' attack which is predictably weaker than the standard 'Claw' attack. They also can not continue the journey to Canada if the rest of the party dies. Puppies are capable of gaining an extra level of Morale, which makes the normally green full-Morale icon pulse between green and yellow. This pure puppy delight also increases their minimum morale, effectively preventing them from suffering Despair Events.

After a few days in the party, Puppies become Dogs. They are still named Puppy. Puppies have the trait, "Growing Pet," and the perk, "Loyal Bond."


Possible quotes:

  • "BARK!"
  • "WOOF! WOOF!"
  • "BORK!"
  • "BJORK!"
  • "WOOF!"
  • [Character] farts.
  • [Character] licks itself.
  • [Character] pants

Possible epilogues:

  • [Character] mostly gnawed on whatever he/she could get his/her mouth on, really.
  • [Character] marked as much territory as possible.
  • [Character], being too used to the freedom of the open road, never became housebroken.
  • [Character] spent the rest of his/her life barking incessantly at all the new wildlife.
  • [Character] found a good home and happily did dog stuff for the rest of his/her life.


  • When Woof 'dies', he will split up into three dogs.
  • Panda is classified as a dog, according to the Friend of Dog perk.
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