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Driving in Bad Weather is a driving event.

Event Text

Rain starts pouring down. It's hard to see, and the shapes of zombies lurk right on the edge of the darkness. The group isn't sure what would be worse: continuing, or stopping here.

  • Keep Driving (requires a car)
  • Go down side road, camp (requires enough food for a full meal)
  • Seek shelter in house
Weather changes to rain


Keep Driving

The group throws caution to the wind and decides to keep on driving.

Wits check for highest Wits character


[Highest Wits Character] strains his/her eyes and manages to narrowly avoid crashing into anything!

[Character] Wits revealed


Car has armor
The car rams through some unseen obstacles in the rain. Some of its armor ends up falling off.

-1 car armor


Car takes medium damage

Car survives: The car gets damaged plowing through some wreckage the group didn't see in time, but it's still running.
Car doesn't survive: The car plows right into the side of a ruined car in the road, and gets wrecked. The group starts walking.

Go down side road, camp

The group takes the less busy side road and finds a place to camp until the weather clears. It takes an extra day for the weather to improve enough to continue the journey.

Group sleeps, two meals are eaten
Heal Up! happens, if there are wounded party members

Seek shelter in house

The group doesn't even get settled in to this house before they realize a large horde is closing in from the pouring rain.


1 hour House siege


  • The only way to encounter this event with no car is by losing it at the beginning of the second-to-last driving day, as it's a driving event, not a walking event.