The Fancy Office is an Always Be Looting location in Death Road to Canada. It is an office location consisting of 9 office rooms containing unique furniture (computer desks, water coolers etc.). A safe can be found in one of the rooms. As an indoor location, it does not allow the player to access the trunk.

Room types

Reception Area

The location's starting room will contain a reception desk. It is otherwise the same as a regular office room, with no loot.

Employee Lounge

The employee lounge contains a fridge and/or a cupboard, which can contain 1-3 food each. There will also be a table and some chairs, as well as 1-3 food lying on the ground. There is also a chance of 1-2 air hockey tables appearing. The location has only one employee lounge.


Restrooms have a large amount of toilets, which may have toilet loot in them. There are two restrooms in the location, one of which contains the safe key.

Executive Office

The location's main point of interest, the executive office is where the safe is located. In addition, there will be 1-3 Golf Clubs scattered on the ground, as well as a variety of other weapons (Pistol, Snubnose Revolver, Dolt 45, Uzi, Grenades) and supplies (food, medical supplies, gas and ammunition). There is only one executive office in the location.

Event Text

The group sees an office building that looks expensive from the outside. There must be something in there worth taking.

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