The Fencer is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited in an Event while driving. She is depicted as a Rapier wielding lady in 'Renaissance Period' clothing with ginger hair tied back in a bun.

The party will happen across her camp while she is practicing with her Fencing Foil. She initially comes across as normal despite her odd appearance but it is quickly proven that she's quite dramatic when she is accepted into the party.

When recruited her Strength and Fitness are revealed. She has a +3 max Fitness bonus, meaning her effective Fitness is 9. She does not have a preset name, instead using a random female name.

The Fencer wields a unique Rapier which can not be unequipped. When attacking she shouts dialogue stereo typically expected of a duelist such as "En Garde!" and "Parry and Riposte!"

Encounter Text

[Character] stumbles across someone's camp hidden behind an empty town. There's a woman dressed in medieval clothing like she's at a Renaissance Faire. She's sparring the air with a fencing foil. She stops slashing her sword eventually, but never puts her rapier down. When talking to her, she seems like a pretty normal person despite appearances.

Upon Recruitment

[Name] points her sword to the sky and belts out NO ONE CAN STOP MY BLADE! HO HO HO! It's briefly unsettling after she was talking so normally. She then slashes the air in a grand fashion while laughing for about 4 straight minutes.

If party is full

[Name] is undaunted by your packed car and just barely squeezes in. She ends up ripping up the interior of the car really bad with her sword. When asked if she can put her rapier in the trunk, she says NO DEAL! REPLACE SOMEONE OR I QUIT!


"This is my victory!"

[Name] wandered Canada searching for worthy fencing opponents.

Special Abilities

The Fencer's unique weapon, the Rapier, attacks in a thrusting motion instead of a swipe. Given the type of sword this would be expected. It's very efficient at killing zombies and never breaks. Thanks to her high fitness and strength she is very dextrous and can easily destroy groups of zombies without much risk of being grabbed. Keep upgrading her Strength. The Fencer turns into a fast moving blade waltz that will assure you get to Canada during the endgame. It is also worth noting that her Rapier can critical hit zombies and can kill on one hit, on higher difficulties this can be a life saver.


  • She is possibly based on the 'Proper Duelist' stereotype associated with the sport of Fencing
  • Based on her appearance she could be a homage to Charlotte from Samurai Showdown.
  • In the O*P*P MODE lobby, her name is always set to "Fencer".
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