The Fishing Cabins are a special location.

Within the area are three cabins with lootable fridges, one of the cabins will have a fishing pole. A character with a fishing pole can interact with the No Fishing sign at the start of the map beneath the bridge.

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Doing so, the interacting character will cast a line.

An option will be shown, prompting the player to wait for a fish. As hours pass, the interacting character will catch a huge fish with a tiny human face.

The Plot Thickens

You will be given three options.

Wish for food

"[Character] wishes for food! She decides to cook the fish. It's very nutritious!"

You will receive +27 food.

Wish for power

"[Character] wishes for power!

The fish does a little wink and jumps back into the water."

The interacting character will then gain stat increases in strength, fitness, shooting and vitality.

Wish for a fancy weapon


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