Friend of Dog is a supportive perk that allows a survivor to quickly amass a group of dogs for recruitment. Friends of dogs are versed in 'Dog Psychology' which allows them to befriend feral dogs in pet shops and junkyards, gain extra resources from trader dogs, and easily recruit Panda, which is apparently a type of dog. Lastly, friends of dogs will not suffer any penalties from the event True Despair.

A group of survivors can learn the Friend of Dog perk from a Rare Book Trader for 15 food.


Upgrades for Friend of Dog can be purchased from Perks of the Mind in exchange for Zombo Points.

Unlock Unlocked by default
Level 2 2 Zombo Points
Level 3 3 Zombo Points

Trait Interactions

  • Civilized - by taking a more supportive role, a survivor can leave most of the fighting and looting to their dog recruits
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