Frozen Friend is a rare ABL Location in Death Road to Canada. It gives the player the option to recruit the Caveman.



Bring guns or a chainsaw to make things easier for you.

This location consists of a forest area with a patch of snow in the middle of it. An ice block containing lies at the center of the frozen patch. After taking enough damage, the chunk of ice will break, and the Caveman will be released. Talking to the Caveman will allow the player to recruit her or receive stat training in either Vitality and Strength or Dexterity and Medical. Additionally, zombies will periodically rise up from the ground, similarily to a Siege.

Event Text

The group is driving down a warm forest road when they spot an out of place patch of snow.

Frozen friend

Finding the event.

Whatever is causing the snow is also attracting a lot of zombies! Bring some guns! Bring your ammo!

  • Explore snowy area

Interacting with the ice block

A caveman is frozen in this giant hunk of ice!

There's really no way to get the caveman out without blasting the ice into chunks. Preferably with guns.

This could take awhile, unless you have strong weapons!

Interacting with Caveman

I overslept! Urghhghhg...

The Caveman doesn't understand the mysterious ways of the future/present, and can't fire guns.

She is capable of very high amounts of maximum strength and fitness! She needs several training sessions to reach her full potential.

Ask for fighting tips

Caveman teaches [Character] some ancient fighting secrets that were lost to time!

The caveman runs off to enjoy the zombie future.


  • [Character] +1 max Strength (which also increases Strength by 1)
  • [Character] +1 Vitality

Ask for survival tips

Caveman teaches [Character] some ancient techniques in medicine and conserving energy!

The caveman runs off to enjoy the zombie future.


  • [Character] +1 max Fitness (which also increases Fitness by 1)
  • [Character] +1 Medical

Recruit her to team

The group accepts Caveman to the team!

Caveman joins the team! Onward to Canada!

Full party

The group is full. Who would you like to replace to make room for Caveman?


  • The chunk of ice has 100 hitpoints, making it very resilient to attacks. It changes appearance after losing a third of its health, and again after losing two thirds.
  • Zombies will only rise up from ground in the snowy patch containing the Caveman. They cannot do so in the surrounding forest area.
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