G*rf is a recruitable Rare Character that is found while driving in a random Event. He is based on Garfield, an anthropomorphic orange tabby cat which is the main character of the popular comic series which has been running since 1978.

G*rf himself is a mascot in a Cat costume. When the party encounters him he is still and motionless, suddenly popping into life as they approach screaming how he "Hates Mondays!"

When G*rf is recruited his Strength, Fitness, and Attitude are revealed. His Attitude will always be '0' however his Strength and Fitness are randomized.

His name appears in-game as 'G***'.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is scavenging through a restaurant, finding nothing. [Character] discovers a deflated, filthy life-sized mascot character against one of the walls.

Suddenly, the mascot moves and screams:


[Character] almost passes out from surprise.

Upon Recruitment

G*** says something but it's too muffled to understand.

Welcome to a new world of terror.

If Party is full

You'll have to boot someone to make room for this abomination.

Special Abilities

Monday siege

The Monday siege.

Monday siege arena

The arena in the siege.

When G*rf's morale dips too low he will remove his cat head and declare today is Monday, the day he hates. This will then cause a unique Siege to occur. The Player will then need to survive 2 in-game hours, with an overwhelming amount of zombies, during night time, and in a small arena.

This event occurs every time G*rf's morale is critically low. He recovers Morale upon successful survival of the Siege--but he has a maximum morale bonus of -4, meaning his morale will never go above 2 and can go as far down as -4. Siege success is only a temporary reprieve from Monday.



G*** continued to hate Mondays.


  • "I hate Mondays." is Garfield's signature catchphrase due to his lazy demeanor and hate of working. This is parodied to an extreme degree with G*rf.
  • G*rf's appearance is based on the Garfield costume used in the webseries 'Lasagna Cat'
  • G*rf's existence is alluded to by a random NPC who can be found in trader camps, talking about a monster named "The G*rf".
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