Gas-Powered Weapons are a special type of Weapon in Death Road to Canada. Unlike other types of weapons, they run exclusively on Gasoline, and require a stock of it in order to function properly.

Each gas-powered weapon provides a unique function that differentiates it from normal weapons. Gas-powered weapons are also able to run automatically; players can simply hold down the primary attack button in order to continuously attack with it. However, they also drain gasoline fairly quickly, so they must be used sparingly to be effective.

List of Gas-Powered Weapons



The Chainsaw has low base damage, but it attacks very rapidly, causing players wielding it to deal massive amounts of damage to nearby zombies. Characters are able to walk around at normal speed while attacking with the Chainsaw, allowing them to effectively shear through hordes of zombies.

It can hold up to 50 gas, but burns through it very quickly - at a rate of 1 unit every 40 game ticks (or 0.67 seconds) while attacking and 1 unit every 160 ticks (2.67 seconds) while idle. After running out of gas, the Chainsaw may be used as a normal melee weapon, though this is not recommended; in normal melee, it deals half the damage per hit (on par with the Knitting Needle) at nowhere near the speed.

Your Strength determines how easily your character can pull the cord to start the chainsaw. At lower strength it may take a few tries to start. Make sure you're at a safe distance from any zombies before trying to fire it up. If a character's strength goes below 0 due to tiredness they won't be able to use the chainsaw at all.

The Chainsaw can be found in Hardware Stores and Cabins. It is sold by the Weapon Fanatic (for 20 food).

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Chainsaw Hand


The Chainsaw Hand is similar to the Chainsaw, save for its shorter range, 20% less damage and 50% greater gas efficiency. Because it can only be obtained from the Hand Upgrade event, it is impossible to switch the weapon between characters, given that it is meant to be permanently attached to the survivor it is given to. The Chainsaw hand can still be stolen by bandits.

It can hold up to 50 gas, and the weapon is unbreakable.



The Flamethrower spits out large jets of flame, which can cause heavy damage to both zombies and objects in the environment. The flames sprayed by the Flamethrower will temporarily set the ground on fire, igniting anything that walks onto it. It can hold up to 100 gas.

Though it's very effective against zombies, the Flamethrower should be used with caution; its flames may also ignite the player or their party members, damaging or killing them.

The Flamethrower can occasionally be found in the Burning House. It is sold by the Army Surplus Fortress (for 60 food), the Weapon Fanatic (for 40 food), or the Firearm Salesman (for 35 food).

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Leaf Blower


The Leaf Blower does not cause damage to zombies; instead, it blows wind at zombies, pushing them away and knocking them over. It has one of the highest knockback stats of any weapon in the game (10). It can hold up to 30 gas, and consumes it relatively slowly - at a rate of 1 unit per 3 seconds while active and 1 unit per 30 seconds while idle.

The Leaf Blower can be found in Hardware Stores.

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Weed Whacker


The Weed Whacker is similar to the Chainsaw; it hits zombies rapidly with its spinning blades, causing damage. It deals out significantly less damage than the Chainsaw, and is only able to damage zombies that are near the spinning blades at the end; however, the Weed Whacker is also very gas-efficient, with the same consumption stats as the Leaf Blower, and may take a long time to deplete. It can hold up to 30 gas.

The Weed Whacker can be found in Hardware Stores, and has a chance to be obtained during the Repair Shop Repair event.

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