The Gas Station Rescue is an Always Be Looting location in Death Road to Canada. It is mostly identical to the Gas Station Siege, consisting of a small gas station (named GOT GAS?) with a gas pump which can be siphoned for 41-100 gas and a chance of 1-2 vending machines and/or 1-2 propane tanks appearing around the building. The gas station's interior is also the same, consisting of 3 rooms: a Convenience Mart interior with a moderate amount of food and supplies on the ground and shelves (plus 2 propane tanks), a bathroom and a closet. A rescuable character can be found inside the station, being able to appear in any of the rooms. Unlike the regular gas station, the closet does not contain a mop/broom.

Event Text

The group is driving past a horde before it turns ugly, when they see a gas station. Someone is trapped inside.


  • Attempt Rescue!
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