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The Gas Station

The Gas Station Siege is an Always Be Looting location in Death Road to Canada. It consists of a small gas station (named GOT GAS?) with a gas pump which can be siphoned for 41-100 gas. Additionally, there may be 1-2 vending machines and 1-2 propane tanks around the building. The gas station's interior appears similar to that of a Convenience Mart, having a moderate amount of food on the shelves and ground, as well as 2 propane tanks. There are also two rooms branching out from the entrance: a bathroom (which always contains toilet loot) and a closet with either a Broom or a Mop inside.

Event Text

The group spots a gas station that looks fairly untouched. They notice a horde close to the station. Checking it for loot would mean getting stuck there for awhile.


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