George, aka The Ranting Man is a Rare Character which can only be found and recruited during the Ranting Man event. To recruit him, you have to build up Cool it counter to max (after which you shall see the rainbow-colored !!!) and tell "SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT" during the event, which gives the whole party +3 morale and a chance to recruit him.

George is an angry old man in brown. Seems ordinary and uninteresting, but George actually has maxed (6 points) Shooting, Wits, Mechanical and Medical upon recruitment. He can be a perfect supportive character if you seize the chance to recruit him.

George does not reveal any stats upon joining the team; however, all his stats besides Strength and Fitness are pre-determined.

Encounter Text 

See Ranting Man for full encounter text.



George became famous for his very popular and insightful stand-up comedy.

Special Abilities

George has no special ability; however, all his stats (besides Strength and Fitness) are fixed rather than randomized. His Wits, Loyalty, Mechanical, Medical and Shooting are always 6; Composure and Attitude, however, are always 0. These stats give him the Paranoid Stat Combo like all paranoid characters created by the player.

George always joins the team with 2 morale.


  • Despite named George and called "Ranting Man", George can be female.
  • George is based on deceased American stand-up comedian and social critic George Carlin.
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