Glimmer of Hope on the Death Road is a Miscellaneous Event. It always occurs after a forced siege event except for the Final Siege.

The choices will always be:

Morale and random skill gain, 2 random stat boosts (or 1 random stat boost and morale+health) for the entire party, and a larger stat boost for a single character. If the party has less than three characters, the game will offer a regular stat boost instead of the larger one.

You will also gain Zombo Points depending on the current game mode and driving days left.

Event Text

The group feels inspired after managing to survive that situation!

They feel like they are getting the hang of this...

Choose a reward for the group:


Morale and random skill gain

Every day is a great teacher, as long as you don't get eaten.

  • [Party] +1 Morale
  • [Party] +1 to random stat (Strength, Fitness, Shooting, Medical or Mechanical, chosen randomly for each party member)

Morale and one health healed (May replace random stat boost option)

Time heals all wounds, especially zombie bites.

  • [Party] +1 Morale
  • [Party] +1 Health

Random Stat

Strength: Even in the post apocalypse, it's still possible to get swole.
Fitness: Running from zombies all day is a great form of exercise.
Shooting: Getting used to these zombies makes for steadier aiming.
Medical: When it comes to zombie first aid, practice makes perfect.
Mechanical: All these cars aren't getting any less broken.

  • [Party] +1 to chosen stat
  • [Party] Chosen stat revealed

[Character] +2 Random Stat, +1 All Stats, +1 Max Health, Faster Run Speed or Full Heal

Strength: [Character] feels a huge surge in strength!
Fitness: [Character] is getting used to all this exercise!
Shooting: [Character] feels like a gunslinger!
Medical: [Character] invents a breakthrough in zombie health care!
Mechanical: [Character] gets in tune with the car spirits!

  • [Character] +2 to chosen stat
  • [Character] Chosen stat revealed
  • [Character] +1 Morale

All Stats: [Character] is becoming a zombie master!

  • [Character] +1 to all stats
  • [Character] +1 Morale

Faster Run Speed: [Character gets really good at running! [Character] now permanently runs faster!

  • [Character] +1 Dexterity
  • [Character] +1 Morale

Max Health: [Character] is getting toughened up! [Character] gains an extra point of maximum health!

  • [Character] +1 Vitality (which also heals the character by 1 health)
  • [Character] +1 Morale

Full Heal: [Character] feels completely revitalized! [Character]'s health is full!

  • [Character] Full Heal
  • [Character] +6 Morale
  • Character loses the Tired stat mod, if they had it
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