Gothic Farm is a rare Location that can be found through the Always be Looting event. The group is tasked with rescuing two farmers, Ma and Pa, who have been trapped in a Farm. If both are saved, the group will be rewarded with supplies or training.

Pa & Ma

Pa (left and Ma (right)

Event Text

The group sees a farm swarmed by an angry horde. Two old-fashioned farmers run into their house. They could still be saved!

Upon finding Pa

Found before Ma: LET'S TRACK DOWN MA!

Upon finding Ma

Found before Pa: WE NEED TO RESCUE PA!
Found after Pa: LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!


The group escapes the farm!

If both survive

Ma escapes the farm, thanks to you!

Pa survives thanks to your help!

Grateful to both be alive, they offer you a gift:

Stash of 10 Food

The group is lead to a stash of pickled fruits, vegetables, and weird meat! Jar food is a nice change from canned food.

Pa's Fix-Em-Up Tips

The group gets some homespun wisdom on repairing rusty junk heaps of all shapes and stripes.

  • [Party] +1 Mechanical
  • [Party] Mechanical Revealed

Ma's Home Remedies

The group learns some old farmer healing remedies. Local medical herbs, ointments, home surgery techniques.

  • [Party] +1 Medical
  • [Party] Medical Revealed

A Sturdy Sickle

The group gets a nice sharp sickle as a gift. It's light, it doesn't break, and it can do some damage.

If only Pa survives

Ma did not escape with you.

Pa survives thanks to your help!

  • [Party] -1 Morale

If only Ma survives

Ma escapes the farm, thanks to you!

Pa didn't make it.

  • [Party] -1 Morale

If neither survives

Unfortunately, neither of the farmers did.

  • [Party] -1 Morale


  • Ma and Pa are based on the two farmers from American Gothic, a famous 20th-century painting.
  • Pa always has 6 Strength and 5 Fitness, while Ma always has 5 Strength and 6 Fitness. These stats cannot be seen in-game however, as they cannot be recruited by any means, even in O*P*P MODE.
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