Grocery Squatter is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada. In the event, the party meets another friendly Character and is given several options to deal with them.

Event Text

The group is about to break into a small, fortified grocery store, but then finds [Character] already living inside! They seem like a calm, clever person..

  • Ask [Character] to join
  • Leave [Character] alone
  • [Character with Low Loyalty]: Let's rob this dingus!
  • [Irritating Character tells [Character] to COOL IT


Ask [Character] to join

Sure, I'll join! I was running out of food, anyway.

[Character] is now part of the team!

  • Character joins the party
    • Character will always have high Wits and Composure. Those stats will be revealed upon recruitment. Character's Attitude will always be 0, 1, 5, or 6, meaning they have a 50-50 chance of being either Charming or Paranoid. They will always be holding a Frying Pan.

[Character] brings along some food supplies! Bonus! Onward to Canada!

Full party

[Character] says that there are too many people in your car already, and that they'll be fine staying put for awhile longer. Ditch someone to make room:

  • You are then given the option to leave them behind, or kick out someone to make room.

If a character in the party has the Paranoid stat combo

[Character 2] judges their character...


[Character 2] sizes up their skills...

Leave [Character] alone

  • Party leaves

[Character with Low Loyalty]: Let's rob this dingus!

If alone: [Character 2] robs [Character]. This is probably why your group has just one person in it.
If not alone: [Character 2] convinces the group to rob [Character].

  • +6 Food
  • [Character 2] Loyalty revealed
  • [Rest of party] -1 Morale
  • [Rest of party] -1 Loyalty

[Annoying character] tells [Character] to COOL IT

If human: [Character 2] tells [Character] to COOL IT.
If animal: [Character 2] farts. It echoes in the grocery store.

Success (charged COOL IT!!!)

They are impressed by this devil-may-care attitude!

Full party
Here, take a bunch of food I had stored up!

The team goes on their way with the food.

Let me come with you! I have a bunch of food!

  • [Character 2] Wits and Attitude revealed
  • Character joins the party
    • See above for character's starting stats and weapon. The character's Wits and Composure (and Attitude, if there's a Paranoid character in the party) will be revealed upon recruitment.
  • +15 Food


[Character] is mostly just confused by this.

What? I wasn't doing anything...

Wow! What a nerd! The group leaves them.

  • [Character 2] Wits and Attitude revealed
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