Hand Upgrade is a rare (and very rewarding) Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

The event will give the player the option to gain the unique Chainsaw Hand, or gain several medical supplies and weapons.

Event Text

The group finds a makeshift surgery room. In one corner is a skeleton with a double barrel shotgun and prosthetic chainsaw hand, both empty.

Chainsaw hand? That seems like a good idea!

Replace someone's hand with a chainsaw:

  • [Party member]
  • Loot supplies instead


Choose party member

[Character 1] attempts to prepare the room for surgery.

  • [Character 1] Medical revealed
  • Character 1 will always be the party member with the highest Medical.

[Character 2] loses their boring old hand and gets a Chainsaw Hand! This modified chainsaw is more efficient!

Character 1 has 5 or more Medical/passes Medical roll

The surgery went well!

Character 1 fails Medical roll

The surgery was very clumsy.

Chosen character has Specialist trait

[Character 2] feels INCREDIBLY smug!

  • Chosen character gains a second weapon slot
  • +4 Morale to that character.

Loot supplies instead

Instead of going through with the hand replacement surgery, the group loots all the medical supplies in the room. There's even a Healing Spray!

If a party member has at least 5 Mechanical

[Character] manages to convert the chainsaw hand into a normal wieldable chainsaw!


The chainsaw hand was designed for arm-mounted use only, so it is left behind.


  • This event is a reference to Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise and his favored choice of weaponry.
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